We create modular system which allow you to see actual values from all your sensors.

We allow you to manage variable count of sensors, remove sensors or add new sensors.

Actual, but also historical values from sensors are always available through web application.

A weather won´t disappoint you again

Equithermic control of heating depending on outdoor temperature?

Automatic ventilation based on high value of CO2?

Blinds download or irrigation shutdown based on strong wind?

Our MeteoBox introduces high-flexible system for managing sensors that scan weather conditions and surrounding environment. We deliver control electronics, scan sensors and modern software.

What we offer?

We can scan and show values from variable sensors. Our system offers data in real time, but also historical data progress.

Modularity of system allows us to connect another sensors made in various companies. Connectable are those sensors, that communicate via MODBUS protocol. We can deliver already developed solution for measuring strength of wind, wind direction, amount of rainfall, values of CO2 and temperature.

Control of our system on central unit is pretty simple due to application modern design and quality touchscreen. Analyzing data is also possible remote via web application which communicate with central unit.

If you want to know much more about our MeteoBox, do not hesitate and contact us.